WRS Health is pleased to announce a recent system update in the Immunization Registry reporting. With this latest enhancement, healthcare staff can now specify the ordering provider who is registered with their state’s Immunization Registry and enrolled for Iron Bridge when administering vaccines on the Orders & Procedures page.


Documenting Administered Immunizations

When creating immunizations as a PROCEDURE (meaning they are given in your office), make sure the Procedure icon is selected. From the entered procedure on the page, select the “A” icon to open the Administration window.

Complete the administer window with the pertinent data for that immunization and that specific patient.

Select the provider who ordered the vaccine be administered from the drop-down list. Only those enrolled in the Iron Bridge Immunization Reporting service will appear on this list.

Check the box for Save as Default, to allow the selected provider to be automatically selected for future entries in the Reporting Provider dropdown, reducing the need to manually select the provider each time.

Finalizing Immunizations

Once all the required immunizations for that patient have been added as Procedures and all Administration data has been entered, “Finalize” the immunizations by using the FINALIZE IMMUNIZATION(S) button at the bottom of the Procedures listed. This will send the immunization data to your state registry through Iron Bridge. Finalized immunizations will also be added to the Patient’s History tab.

If you have any questions about these features or require assistance with enrolling a healthcare provider in Iron Bridge, please contact your account manager.