In an effort for full transparency, WRS Health has begun to implement policies to ensure full system optimization. The new terms are outlined in the policies below.


  • For existing clients (those with signed EULAs prior to 1/1/2021), these policies will be presented to you with further discussion on your Account Management Meetings, as we begin to implement.
  • For new users, these will be presented during your onboarding phase.

This policy is applicable to all practices. This aims to help maximize practice workflows and realize the full value of the platform through open, ongoing, and transparent communications.

Each practice will be assigned a dedicated account manager upon completion of the implementation phase. The account manager will regularly setup meetings and consistently measure the practice’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the various modules within the platform to ensure optimization in each domain. This will be presented on a monthly report card by the account manager.

This policy is applicable to all practice users. In the event that a practice may want to cease using our platform we have outlined the necessary steps in terminating services and the required steps to mutually part ways. This policy also discusses the availability of Patient Data Export its inclusions, format and associated fee. And also the availability of Fax Port.

This policy is applicable to all practice users.

This includes a process that will help assess the practice for any technical issue encountered to determine if it’s a system bug, or an internal setup issue, unique to each practice which may include browser and/or internet issues, improper router setup or management, or the need for additional system training.

The policy comprises of Practice Troubleshooting where specific questions are provided to the practice that will determine the course of action that will be taken to fix the error experienced by the practice. If in any case the error cannot be resolved by the practice, they are advised to issue a support ticket. Once the ticket is received, WRS will carry out a series of actions required for troubleshooting.

If WRS Health identifies that there is a system bug affecting usage of the platform, our dedicated support and development teams will work on a solution to correct the issue. Updates will be provided to the practice via the support ticket entered and through the practice’s account manager.

Turnaround time will vary depending on the level of work needed to correct the issue. Once a solution has been thoroughly tested by our team, it will be rolled out to all practices affected. Feedback will be requested from the practice regarding the resolution of the issue.

This policy works towards in preserving the safety of patient records and ensuring compliance with the laws regulating access to Protected Health Information (PHI) through a set of protections and processes that will serve as guidelines which all practice users are obligated to follow. Access to PHI is regulated by State and Federal security and privacy laws. Any access to the WRS Health platform by unauthorized users of the system presents a risk for a potential data breach and illegal access to patient records therefore WRS Health requires strict adherence to this policy.

This policy comprises of the guidelines for User Creation, User Audit and a list of Documents required for system access. WRS has the right to immediately terminate the user’s access to the platform if found to have violated this policy.

This policy is applicable to all practice users.

This policy includes a list of factors that supports the need for additional training as well as the associated training fees and no show fees in the event that the practice’s staff does not attend the scheduled training session with the training team.

These instances include:

  • Retraining – Retraining is recommended, 3 years after completed implementation, to ensure you are optimized on current recommended workflows.
  • Refresher Courses – Your staff may schedule additional training hours to review previous instruction provided during your implementation phase.
  • Workflow Efficiency – If your Account Manager assesses that the practice’s staff would benefit from additional training, based on current workflow or the number of support tickets being submitted, additional training hours will be scheduled.
  • New Hires – If new staff has been hired by the practice, a minimum of 1 block (4-hours) of training should be purchased for the new user(s) to gain the value of the platform workflows.
  • Upgrading your current WRS Package/Purchasing Add-Ons –To properly ensure that your staff is trained on additional modules/add-on services, additional training hours are advised.
  • System Upgrades – As WRS Health continually grows and improves its functionality, your staff can schedule one-on-one training to better understand the new functional upgrades.
    • *Please note – release notes, including step-by-step instruction, will always be provided when a new product is released.