WRS Health system has integrated Surescripts’ Record Locator and Exchange Service to streamline and enhance the accessibility of patient records, ultimately improving the efficiency of healthcare providers and ensuring a more comprehensive patient care experience. 

With this integration, healthcare providers can access a 360-degree view of the patient, fostering better coordination and collaboration in patient care. Surescripts’ Record Locator and Exchange Service lets healthcare providers quickly see where patients have received care and locates records from across all 50 states, providing access to clinical history information for 233 million patients—or 71 percent of the U.S. population.


Seamless Record Retrieval

This integration seamlessly retrieves external information and effortlessly incorporates it into the External Documents section of the patient EMR All Notes page the night before scheduled appointments, ensuring that you have timely insight into where patients have received care and access to clinical documentation.

Providers can exchange and access relevant patient clinical data from external sources within the EHR:

  • Where and when the patient was seen and by whom
  • Treatment information
  • Past medical records and history
  • Diagnosis history
  • Test results, etc.

To view records retrieved from other healthcare systems, click External: Show All Documents within the EMR All Notes page. 

This will open a new tab with shared records presented in chronological order for a more intuitive and cohesive overview of a patient’s medical history. Additionally, to view a single record, you can click on the record name. 

Note: “External: Show All Documents” will not appear if no records have been retrieved.


Surescripts Location Summary

A Surescripts Location Summary is also available for every patient in the network. This tool helps you identify healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care across different locations. While this report provides valuable insights, some information may not be available if explicitly restricted by the patient, or if visits are currently not within the scope of data rights coverage. 


Clinical Summary

The Patient Health Record provides you with a snapshot of a patient’s health record as well as the source of the information.


Record Locator & Exchange (RLE) Workflow


Patient Consent

To share your patient’s information with the Surescripts Network, patient consent to participate in the Record Locator & Exchange service is required. This can be documented within the EHR or provided by the patient through the patient portal. 

Patients will also be asked to consent to the Record Locator Service when they sign in to the Patient Portal. 


Settings for Confidential Records

To protect sensitive patient information and prevent its sharing with external parties via the Record Locator Service, you can designate records as private and confidential.  

By default, a CCDA generated by a signed note is also set to be shared. To change this while creating or editing an unsigned note, simply uncheck the Share with External Parties box above the Sign Note button.

Default  CCDA setting can be changed in Preferences > EMR Preferences. 


Document Sharing & Settings

Sharing is enabled for uploaded documents as the default setting. This can be changed manually in the Upload Category Management box

When uploading a confidential document not intended to be shared with other providers, uncheck the Share with External Parties box. 


Enrollment & Activation

To begin utilizing Surescripts Record Locator & Exchange, please contact your account manager.