We are thrilled to introduce a major enhancement in our latest system update — the addition of a new Psycho-Social note format and standalone assessment page. This update is part of our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive tools that support the delivery of holistic patient care. This tool is designed to capture a wide range of social, psychological, and behavioral factors that impact patient health. It includes sections on patient history, mental health status, social supports, and more, enabling a more thorough understanding of the patient’s needs and circumstances.


Psycho-Social Note Type

We encourage you to explore this new page as part of your patient assessment process and discover its benefits in supporting patient care.  This page has been integrated into a new Psycho-Social Note format; to access this note, simply add the “Psycho-Social Note” to your note library.

Psychosocial Assessment

To utilize this assessment in a standalone fashion, add the “Psychosocial Assessment” to your note library.


To access the note library:

  1. Open a new note,
  2. Select the “note library” dropdown,
  3. Select “customize,”
  4. Within the “customize note format” popup, locate & select the “Psycho-Social note” and / or the “Psychosocial Assessment”
  5. Click save
  6. To view this format and begin use, select the option from the note library dropdown.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, reach out to your Account Manager for prompt assistance.