Self Check In + Patient Portal Integration

WRS Health has integrated the patient portal and the check in module into an easily accessible platform.

Previously, patients would receive an email and text message on the day of the appointment directing them to the Virtual Waiting Room to check in to their appointment. The first screen they would see is an authentication step to verify their last name and date of birth. In an effort to increase patient portal usage and simplify processes for patients, we have integrated the two systems.

Now, patients will receive the same communication they are used to, but instead of a VWR link, it will bring them to the patient portal where they are asked to log in and immediately directed to the “appointments” section* to check in to their appointment. The patient will then see a blue “check in” button next to their appointment for that day. For all other future appointments, there will be text that states “check in will be available on the day of your appointment”.

If the patient has not yet accessed the patient portal and set up their credentials, they will be directed to the page to do so.

Patient Self Check In and Patient Portal Integration

Practices must have the appointments section as well as the patient check in module enabled for this process to work seamlessly. This update does not affect any telehealth (system default) appointments, as those patients will still be directed to the virtual waiting room.