WRS Health is pleased to announce the HPI Carryover feature that automatically inserts the most recent HPI into new patient notes, improving clinical workflow efficiency and ensuring consistency in patient records. This feature not only makes charting fast, but it also helps reduce errors.

Healthcare providers spend excessive time manually entering or copy-pasting data in the History of Present Illness (HPI) from notepads, clipboards, and previous notes into new ones, leading to inefficiency, potential error, and inconsistency in patient care documentation. The new feature helps eliminate all of that.


Enable the HPI Carryover Feature

Activate the HPI Carryover feature by going to Preferences > EMR Preference, and then select the checkbox associated with HPI Text Carry Over.

When the feature is enabled, the system will show dropdown options. These options pertain to the preferences regarding how HPI carryover populates the HPI fields. Users can select from the following options:

  • Last Note. The system automatically selects and displays the HPI from the patient’s last visit into the new note’s HPI field.
  • Provider-Specific. The system automatically selects and displays the HPI from the patient’s last visit with the same provider in the new note’s HPI field
  • Note Type-Specific. The system identifies the specific type of note being created and carries over the HPI data from the most recent note that matches the selected note type. 

The HPI Carryover Feature in Patient Note

In the patient note, the most recent HPI note for the patient is now carried over when a new note is created. This feature prefills the HPI box with the applicable data from the previous note depending on the HPI Carry Over preference selected in My EMR Preferences.