There were certain challenges in processing ACH payments that impacted operational efficiency and client satisfaction. That is why WRS Health has integrated with Global Payments’ ACH solution to streamline payment processes, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance your financial operations.

ACH is an electronic payment system that moves money between banks. This system is also known as an electronic check payment or eCheck payment.

To start processing ACH payments, users only need to enter the bank routing number and checking/savings account number.


Global Payments Setup

For those practices currently utilizing Global payments, an additional account credential must be added to the Credit Card Settings page within the EHR. Please contact your account representative from Global Payments to obtain these credentials.

Pay with Global Payments

To pay with Global Payments, go to Billing > Payment Entry > ACH Details, and enter the applicable payment details.

When payment is successfully processed, a confirmation message appears with a payment receipt.

You can also search for a particular payment using the payment reference ID and patient ID or name in the Payment Logs Search. You can view the list of all payments in the Payment Logs. ACH payments are identified as ACH PAYMENT in PAYMENT TYPE.