We are excited to announce an enhancement to our Appointment Reminder system that will improve patient engagement and reduce no-shows. This update is part of our ongoing efforts to provide practices with more robust and effective tools to manage patient appointments.

We believe this enhancement will significantly contribute to better health outcomes by reducing missed appointments. Practices are encouraged to inform their patients about the new reminder schedule to ensure they are prepared for the multiple notifications.


Additional Appointment Reminder

In addition to the existing configurable reminder (via email, call, and SMS), our system will now automatically send an additional reminder 7 days before the appointment. This reminder will be sent as an email, call, and SMS, similar to the existing reminder. The timing for this 7-day prior reminder is fixed and cannot be adjusted by practices.

When an appointment is scheduled, the system will automatically set up two reminders:

  • The first reminder will be sent 7 days before the appointment.
  • The second reminder will be sent based on the practice’s configured preference (e.g., 1, 3, 5 days before the appointment).