We are pleased to announce the release of a new feature in our EHR system that enhances the customization and accuracy of patient notes across different locations. This update allows practice administrators to customize the entity name displayed on patient notes. This feature responds to the need for customizable entity names on patient notes, improving accuracy and compliance with varying regional regulations.


Note Display Configuration

Administrators now have the flexibility to select the Display Billing Entity Name in Note option in the Administration  > EMR Setup > Note Setup menu. This feature dynamically pulls the Business Entity name from the location settings to be displayed at the top of patient notes. 

By enabling the Display Billing Entity Name in Note option, every new note generated will reflect the correct entity name based on the location of the service.


Location Configuration

A new field, Billing Entity, has been added to the Administration > Practice Setup > Edit Location info > Add/Edit Location page. This allows for the specification of different entity names for each location.

If the Billing Entity field is blank and Display Billing Entity Name in Note is enabled, the note will continue to display the default practice name as configured in Administration > Practice Setup > Edit Practice Info > Practice Name field.


Automatic Display in Notes

Once set up, the entity name tied to the visit’s location will automatically appear in the Practice Name field of the patient notes, provided the new checkbox in Note Setup is marked. This update applies to unsigned notes as well, once the new checkbox in Note Setup is marked.