Changes to External EMR Notes View

We understand the importance of efficiency when reviewing external notes from another WRS practice. In this latest release, we are excited to announce a significant improvement to External EMR Notes to facilitate a smoother workflow.


External EMR Notes Improvements

Previously, viewing notes from other WRS practices within EMR All Notes of patients has proven to be a point of contention amongst users. With this newest release, we have made it much easier to view the rendering provider and the note type while in the External EMR Notes section.

Rendering Provider Visibility

The rendering provider’s name is now prominently displayed in the External EMR Notes view. This addition provides you with quick and easy identification of the responsible provider for each note.

Note Type Identification

You can now quickly identify the note type associated with each entry in the External EMR Notes. This enhancement streamlines your ability to locate specific notes, reducing the time and effort required for review.



To properly utilize this feature, the following needs must be met:

  • Do not have “private patient data” enabled. Contact your account manager to verify this setting.
  • To automate all future notes from being shared within the WRS atmosphere, please set the practice setting for “EMR Note Sharing” to “shared.”
    Practice Settings
  • If “Private Visit” is selected, all notes will be defaulted to private. To individually share notes, please deselect “private visit” within the note prior to it being signed.
    EMR Notes Settings

This feature also applies to patient documents within EMR All Notes such as new patient paperwork and policies.
Important Note: Notes that have been previously signed and marked as private prior to the implementation of this feature will not be available under other practices > External EMR Notes.


How It Works

To view External EMR Notes, simply navigate to EMR All Notes page.
Select “Other Practices” to open the External EMR Notes window.

EMR Notes window

Here, you will see the Practice where the note originated, the date of service, note type, and rendering provider, as well as the associated ICD codes for that note.

To view the note, select the “print” icon. To view in the format of the “all notes” style, select “expand all.”

EMR Notes view expand