We are thrilled to introduce a new feature that enhances the SureScripts RLE integration experience. With WRS Health’s latest enhancement, your workflow is now more efficient with features that organize how you view information. 

The new Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) viewer is a window that now opens when you click on a CDA and displays the CDA title and other details. External documents are also now grouped based on criteria and can be sorted and filtered seamlessly. 

View the CDA Tab

When opening files or Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents, the file or CDA name is prominently displayed in the new tab that opens. 

The same happens to PDF and other file types.

Document Grouping, Block Sorting, and Filtering

We’ve updated the way documents are organized on the External Documents page by sorting them into groups based on their type, making it much easier for you to find and manage your information. If documents fall under the same category, you’ll find them all together in one section.
Each block has:

  • A sortable column title: Upon clicking the column title, the table is sorted in ascending/descending based on the column data.
    The columns include Date, Type, Provider, Specialty, and Organization. Each of these columns can be used for sorting and filtering.

  • An input for filtering: When you type in the filter box, the table only displays the rows containing values or content similar or equal to the entered text. 

The rest of the functionalities such as print, view, etc. remain the same.

Documents that are not in the standard format, such as PDFs and scanned files, will be displayed under External Document, making it easier for you to access and manage various types of documents in one place.