We are excited to announce the release of a significant enhancement to appointment related communications. Understanding the evolving needs of our clients, we have focused on a more user-centered approach for adding important appointment related events automatically to a patient’s personal calendars, such as Gmail, Yahoo & iCloud.


Creating a Calendar Event from Email

To add an event to your calendar from an email, follow the steps below:

Select “Add to calendar” and follow the prompts from your email client.

If the email does not have an “Add to Calendar” button in the top, locate an attachment within the email and select it to begin the download. Once downloaded, it will prompt you to add the event to your calendar.


Creating a Calendar Event from SMS*

To add an event to your calendar from an SMS, follow the steps below.

Upon receiving an appointment text message, click on the hyperlinked date and time and select “Create Event.”

This action will bring the patient to their associated calendar where they can create the event and add any necessary details for themselves.

Upon clicking “add,” the event will be created in their calendar.

*Note: your practice must be enrolled in SMS for this feature to be available to patients.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, reach out to your Account Manager for prompt assistance.