Appointment Related Communications

WRS Health has observed an increase in message fatigue due to the volume of messages patients receive upon registering and making appointments.

Previously, patients receive an email & SMS notification when they are registered or when an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, updated, and canceled. Each event triggers a message, which sends more communications to the patient.

WRS has refined this process to consolidate the messages patients receive to just one text message and one email. If appointment related actions are done within 5 minutes of each other, the patient will only receive one communication. The message will have a clear call to action of “Visit the patient portal to input your patient data & view your appointment details. [link]” and will have all the information they need to know, such as appointment details. This update does not impact any appointment reminders nor does it affect any telehealth (system default) appointments.

Appointment Related Merged Events – Video

Please refer to the video below for an outline of the merged events with their subsequent actions.

Appointment Related Merged Events from WRS Health on Vimeo.