WRS Health is proud to announce the release of a new update to the system – added active and inactive provider filters in search.


Active & Inactive User Search Filter

With this new system update, our goal is to allow users to access user-specific data regardless of the user’s status. This will also enable users to effectively search for data associated with active and inactive users. Users can combine the active/inactive filter with other search criteria.

The update was applied to the following areas in the system: 

  • EMR> Current Charts> Employee
  • EMR> Meaningful Use Reports> CCD Export Reports> Supervising & Rendering Provider
  • EMR> MIPS/QUALITY MEASURES> Quality Measures> Provider
  • EMR> MIPS/QUALITY MEASURES> Promoting Interoperability Report> Provider
  • EMR> Clinical Data Report> Provider
  • Order Tracking> Order Search> Ordered & Note Signed By
  • Documents> Practice Fax/Print Log> Sent By
  • Documents> Email Log> Sent By
  • Administration> EMR Setup> EMR Template Clone Tool> Clone From & Clone To

If you encounter any issues or have questions, reach out to your Account Manager for prompt assistance.