We are improving the way we support you and your practice.

Support is being transitioned to our account management team. With our new process, you will be assigned a dedicated individual who will oversee your account and be a direct contact to whom you can reach out to when you have a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know my Account Manager. How do I find out who they are?

If you do not know your account manager, simply send an email to accountmanagement@wrshealth.com with your practice’s name. Your designated account manager will reach out to you.

When will this take effect?

This new process is effective immediately.

What will happen to the current support tickets in the support queue?

Account Management and Support is currently working hand in hand to ensure that pending tickets are addressed.

Will the monthly report be automatically sent to our emails?

All active clients are required to join a monthly or quarterly meeting with the account manager. The monthly report will be sent to you after every meeting. You can still request for a monthly report from your account manager in the event that you opt to meet quarterly but still want to receive the report monthly.

Are we able to reach out to our account manager through our internal WRS Messaging?

No. You can send an email directly to accountmanagement@wrshealth.com to reach out to your account manager.

What should be included in the email to our Account Manager?

Indicate your practice name, callback number and inquiry.

What is the process for redundant coverage if our manager is out or unavailable?

We ensure that your inquiries are addressed in a timely manner. To avoid redundancy, in the event that your dedicated Account Manager is on leave, another account manager will handle your inquiries and make sure your dedicated account manager is looped in.

Current tickets are time stamped and tracked. What is the time stamp and tracking process for e-mail tickets?

We track all emails internally and ensure all concerns are addressed. Our email platform also has a time stamp to determine when the email was received, when we responded, and when the concern is addressed.

When checking on the status of a particular email, how will we know how to reference without a ticket number?

We ensure that all concerns are addressed and track emails internally to ensure that nothing is missed. We will continue to communicate with your practice until your concern is resolved. A recap of your inquiries will also be discussed during your monthly practice optimization meeting.

Currently multiple individuals in the practice can view, work and respond to a ticket. How will this work via e-mail since e-mail is a one to one communication line?

You can copy all of the staff members that need to be included when you email account management. That way we can respond to everyone in the email. They will also be looped in to all the updates to your inquiry.

Do you still recommend only have a few staff members within the organization who send support emails?

You can assigned a staff member to be our point of contact for any concerns or you can include the staff that needs to be updated about your inquiries.

Do you use the e-mail in WRS to e-mail patients?

We do not normally send emails to patients. Patients are advised to contact the practice if they have questions about their appointments, medications, etc.


“Account Management is the New Support”

We recently held two live webinar sessions that discussed the transition of support to Account Management. View the on-demand webinar if you were unable to attend.

If you have any questions that were not answered during the recorded session, please reach out to accountmanagement@wrshealth.com.